Tuesday, 11 November, 2008


12 November 08

What a fun!
British 'mems'were used to ascertain first if a visitor offers to flatter her dog or not. It used to assure the Mem that the said visitor will leave no stone unturned to please her in any manner what ever she wants. "Sahib" also felt assured that the bloody native if pays full attention to the tomy(the Visitor) would be faithfull to the Sahib and British Empire. It is still true. Indian Mem sahibs use there pups as touchstone to test the sincerity of the caller towards them and there demands. Sahib only watches and acts. It is amusinmg to see that the big boss has used the same technique to assess who will actually be a right choice to become next BIG BOSS or the winner of the car to be awarded for nobility, amongst the remaining GHARWALAS -Rahul, ZULFI, Monika,Raja, Ashu. One of them either Monika or Zulfi will be out on next Friday.Then four of them will be left. The Dogy, who has been sent as the special guest in the Big Boss's house may become litmus Test for Big boss to reach final decision. All of them were standing in a line to welcome The proud MEHMAN with flower leaves and other things in their hands. When the great visitor or valued guest entered in, with a chain around the neck and all mezbans not only get alerted but started running to sprinkle flowers on Him.Every body was in competetion to prove worthy of His liking. A gteat challenge before them how to address the honoured guest? Probably Monica prayed, O, Big Boss let us know how to address Him. Then the Big Boss was pleased to send an two page report about his needs and timmings of eating and sleep, his bowl too. Meanwhile He pissed RAHUL Wip out His Gestur RUSHED TO CLEAN WITH TISHU PAPER AND GUN FOR IMMUNISING THE PLACE. Was it not insult to the honored guest to imunise the gesture of love? What a great fun. Let us see who gets the favour of that great visitor in the Big Boss's house. At this juncture HE is not less then the Big Boss Himslf. Shall those golden days will return by the grace of Big Boss and this great visitir and will the slavery be back in its purest sense? AMIN!

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